ACLU Demands Arizona Court Stops Prosecutions of Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona. There are state-licensed dispensaries, physicians and patients. But across the state, and most intensely in Maricopa County under the leadership of Attorney General Bill Montgomery, law enforcement is going after people who legally obtain and use medical cannabis extracts. Patients are facing arrest, prosecution and the threat of prosecution, and some have already served time in prison. While the state Supreme Court reviews the legality of medical cannabis extracts, the ACLU of Arizona is taking aim at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office. On Monday, the ACLU sent a letter to Montgomery demanding his office no longer prosecute medical cannabis patients. The ACLU also demanded that Montgomery stop issuing threats to patients.

Arizona Is Threatening to Lock Up Patients Who Use Cannabis Extracts

Maricopa Country Attorney General Bill Montgomery has been “prosecuting or threatening to prosecute” licensed medical cannabis patients “for possessing cannabis products sold at state-licensed dispensaries,” according to a letter sent to Montgomery’s office by the ACLU Monday.

ACLU of Arizona criminal justice attorney Jared Keenan said his organization had already confirmed two cases of medical marijuana patients facing prosecution or threats in Maricopa County. One of those cases involves a U.S. Army

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