Acreage Holdings relocating Bethel cannabis dispensary to Danbury amid rebranding – Hartford Business

Acreage Holdings will soon relocate its Bethel dispensary, Compassionate Care Center of Connecticut, to the former Webster Bank location at 105 Mill Plain Road in Danbury, expanding the medical dispensary while setting the groundwork for possible integration of recreational sales in the future. Acreage acquired the dispensary in 2018.

The move will grow the medical dispensary by 1,100 square feet and be “a total game changer” by modernizing the experience, according to Carl Tirella, Acreage Holdings’s general manager in Connecticut. Tirella said the Danbury location is scheduled to open by the end of 2021’s third quarter.

“We outgrew the current facility that we are at in Bethel,” he said of the move, which has been in the works for about two years. “We’re operating in a 1,400-square-foot residential house. It’s a disservice to our patients and employees.”

At the same time, Acreage is bringing all three Connecticut sites under The Botanist brand, aligning the dispensaries with other Acreage stores throughout the Northeast. The rebranding will cover the soon-to-be relocated Compassionate Care Center of Connecticut as well as Prime Wellness of Connecticut in Windsor and Thames Valley Relief of Unacasville.

With the rebranding and Danbury relocation, the company is preparing for

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