Act Now for Chance at an Ohio Medical Marijuana Dispensary License – Lexology

Ohio medical marijuana patients and prospective dispensary owners rejoice! On September 20, 2021, the Ohio Board of Pharmacy (“BOP”) announced the release of its long-awaited Request for Applications II (“RFA II”), which may license up to 73 new medical marijuana dispensaries in the Buckeye State. I wrote about the potential for this announcement back in April of 2020, so this news is welcome for those who have been waiting for it. This increase in dispensary licenses is driven by the hope of improving patients’ access to medical marijuana products. Currently, there are 58 provisional dispensary licenses that have been awarded pursuant to RFA I in 2018. After concluding that patient demand was high, the BOP decided to move forward with the process to license even more dispensaries. With each application being evaluated for compliance with Ohio’s medical marijuana law, and the legal concerns that need to be addressed during business formation, it is important to have an attorney familiar with marijuana law and corporate structuring to be successful at the outset.

General Application Information

The “RFA II and Dispensary Application Instructions” document provides an overview of the application process, fees, and instructions for preparing and submitting an application. A preview

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