Adult-Use Cannabis Officially Legal in Michigan, But There’s No Way to Buy It

Adult-use cannabis is officially legal in Michigan as of today, but there are not yet any legal retail outlets to buy recreational marijuana in the state. Voters legalized the use of cannabis by adults in a statewide initiative that passed with nearly 56 percent of the vote in the midterm elections held last month.

Matthew Schweich, the deputy director of cannabis reform advocacy group the Marijuana Policy Project, said in a press release that the legalization of cannabis in Michigan is a significant milestone.

“Michigan is the first state in the Midwest where adults will no longer be punished for possessing or growing small amounts of marijuana,” Schweich said. “This is a substance that is objectively less harmful than alcohol to the consumer and to society, and it’s finally going to be treated that way. In addition to ending the needless arrest and prosecution of thousands of adult consumers, this will allow law enforcement officials to spend more of their time and attention on serious crimes.”

Schweich also applauded the state for being a leader in cannabis reform.

“When it comes to marijuana policy in America, Michigan is ahead of the curve,” said Schweich. “It will serve as a strong

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