After incident at St. Louis school, dispensary calls for increased regulation of gas station cannabis products –

It comes just one day after several students at Sumner High were hospitalized, after school officials say they took gummies containing THC.

ST. LOUIS — Jeff Rowse is both an educator and employee at Feel State Dispensary in Florissant. Hearing the news about several Sumner students taking edibles at school didn’t surprise him. Rowse said variants they could’ve gotten their hands on include Delta 8, 9 or 10.

“I’m not necessarily happy about it happening. It doesn’t paint my industry in the best light,” Rowse said.

St. Louis Public School spokesperson, George Sells confirmed a student bought the products which contained THC at a nearby convenience store and passed them out Wednesday to other students. Four students were hospitalized and another six were evaluated for their symptoms and later released to their parents.

“If you’re a chemist with a business plan and the proper packaging you can sell these products to anyone willing to buy them and that’s why you see them in convenience stores and liquor stores,” Rowse said.

In 2018, the Farm Bill federally legalized cannabis with less than point three percent THC in it, which classifies it as hemp.

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