After Paying $18M in Taxes, Jungle Boys Raided For All Its Cash In Boyle Heights – L.A. TACO

The bold new world of legal cannabis can feel a lot like the tired old war on drugs of the 80s and 90s, denying rest and relaxation for the L.A. entrepreneurs who sell us cannabis.

Only now, it’s no longer to ward us away from a relaxing high. It’s all about the money.

Hot on the heels of reports that the sheriff’s department and feds are raiding vans moving cash for legal cannabis businesses—a move later given blanket acceptance by a federal judge–comes the raid last week on one of L.A.’s most longstanding dispensaries, complete with guns drawn on owners and cash swiped from budtenders’ tip jars.

The raid on Boyle Heights’ TLC by Jungle Boys dispensary first came to our attention on Instagram, where the 16-year-old business detailed the unexpected appearance of roughly 20 undercover cars last Tuesday. Owners watched on video as employees were rounded up by a variety of law enforcement agencies including CHP, LAPD, and the Sheriff’s Department.

As the legal business reached out to its attorneys, soon guns were being pointed at the owners’ heads, with orders to get on the ground and detainment for the ensuing hour.

Owner Ivan Vanorwick told High Times of

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