After Senate Tussle, Georgia Governor Set To Sign Marijuana Production Bill

There was debate over whether Georgia Governor Brian Kemp would sign House Bill 324, which allows the production and distribution of medical marijuana in the state. But his office has stated that the legislation is a go for Kemp, who is set to give his blessing to the bill on Wednesday.

Not all of his team is on board. “There is no part of me that wants any steps toward recreational marijuana,” said Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan after the bill passed the state’s Senate. Of course, Kemp hasn’t seemed like a staunch supporter himself at all times, telling the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I respect the legislative process, and I understand why people are doing it, and I understand why people have grave concerns about this. I have all of those feelings. It’s a really tough spot.”

“Kemp will fight any in-state cannabis cultivation in a state with boundless agricultural capability,” predicted a 2018 High Times article. But now — thanks to heartfelt testimony by Georgian parents with severe forms of epilepsy, among other factors — the bill’s fate has been sealed.

This will no doubt elicit a few golf claps. A combative negotiation process left the bill’s future cloudy in the

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