Alberta Health Services Just Refused a $6,000 Donation From Cannabis Club

Alberta Health Services has reportedly refused to accept a $6,000 donation from a cannabis club that wished to honor one of its members. Patrick Parsons, a board member of the Calgary Cannabis Club, said that the group directed the donation to the Tom Baker Cancer Centre in recognition of the excellent care it provided to Rick Beaver. The member of the club died of esophageal cancer at the age of 65 last November.

“He was quite impressed with the empathy and compassion he received so we thought it was a no-brainer to us that the money raised go there,” said Parsons. “Rick was raving about how good the staff was.”

Parsons said that the money had been raised at several charitable events including a fundraiser on December 9 that included live and silent auctions. However, when the group tried to make the donation, officials at Alberta Health Services (AHS) refused to accept the money. Parsons believes that the taboo against cannabis still exists, despite the legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana in Canada.

“The stigma is still there—when you’re talking about dollars and cents, there’s probably the thought that the money’s from the illegal sale of cannabis but that’s not

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