Aldermen support allowing cannabis dispensaries citywide – Yahoo News

Oct. 24—DANVILLE — Danville City Council aldermen in a straw poll of 8-6 last week indicated their support of allowing future medicinal/adult-use cannabis dispensaries throughout Danville.

Aldermen for it in the informal poll: Mike Puhr, Rick Strebing, Jon Cooper, Heidi Wilson, Mike O’Kane, Tricia Teague, Bob Iverson and Darren York. Aldrmen against it were: Ed Butler, Carolyn Wands, Sherry Pickering, James Poshard, Eve Ludwig and Robert Williams.

Just because we’re passing this, doesn’t mean the city will see more dispensaries, said Ward 6 Alderman Jon Cooper.

Ward 3 Alderwomen Sherry Pickering said the majority of constituents she’s heard from say they don’t want dispensaries closer to residences.



Ward 3 Alderwoman Heidi Wilson asked about the difference with bars and liquor stores already near residences.

Mayor Rickey Williams Jr. said many people he’s talked to want dispensaries here. He said the city benefits from the dispensaries from safety and financial aspects.

The proposed changes to Danville’s zoning ordinance will go to the Danville Area Planning and Zoning Commission first for a vote. The changes would allow dispensaries in business districts, mostly along the city’s main thoroughfares, with special-use permits outside of the Lynch Road area.

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