All the Obstacles to Marijuana Legalization in New York

Long a bastion of social progress and cultural experimentation, New York State — home to New York City and the birthplace of High Times — lags painfully behind when it comes to legalized weed. The winds of change are undoubtedly blowing in the right direction. The governor recently commissioned a study by the State Health Department, which endorsed full legalization when it reported its findings. Although that’s a seismic shift in the right direction, the Empire State still faces a maze of obstacles, challenges, and opposition as it slogs toward legalizing marijuana and reclaiming its status as a progressive blue state committed to social justice and common sense.

The Governor is a Wishy-Washy Opportunist

When it comes to legalization, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo will have the final say in whether or not the Empire State finally catches up to the entire West Coast, Colorado, Alaska and its neighbors in the Northeast. The problem is, Gov. Mixed Signals has long been an opponent of legalization. The man who recently pretended that he suffered politically for boldly taking the just but unpopular move to codify marriage equality (he actually didn’t budge until gay marriage was widely popular and politically expedient) is

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