American Student Facing Death Penalty in China for Cannabis Distribution Released

An American college student is back in the United States after spending eight months in a Chinese prison on false charges of cannabis distribution. Matthew Fellows, 23, of Gambrills, Maryland arrived in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon before changing planes for a flight scheduled to land in Washington, D.C. Tuesday morning.

Matthew’s parents, Donna and Bill Fellows, planned to meet their son at the airport. They told the Daily Mail that they were relieved that Matthew was coming home after not being able to visit or speak with him for eight months.

“We’re absolutely thrilled, we can’t wait to get him home and smother him with love and hugs,” Donna Fellows said. “It’s been a traumatic time for the entire family, we’re just glad it’s over.”

Matthew speaks fluent Mandarin and had moved to China to teach schoolchildren to speak English. He was subsequently accepted as a student at a university in Nanjing.

But then, Matthew was arrested and held at Nanjing Detention on four charges of drug trafficking. He was detained for eight months in a cell with 15 other men, surviving on a bowl of rice and a cup of watery porridge each day.

After learning of his arrest four

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