America’s Longest Serving Nonviolent Cannabis Prisoner To Be Released Following Efforts by Last Prisoner Project

After 32 Years Behind Bars, Richard DeLisi Clemency Approved

Christmas is coming early this year for cannabis offender Richard DeLisi and his family. According to prison officials at South Bay Correctional Facility, DeLisi, America’s longest serving nonviolent cannabis prisoner, will be released next month — 18 months ahead of schedule. This will be the first Christmas since 1988 that DeLisi does not have to spend behind bars.

The early release date follows combined efforts by Last Prisoner Project and pro bono attorneys Chiara JusterElizabeth Buchanan, and Michael Minardi, in their supplements to DeLisi’s clemency application and their dedicated advocation on his behalf to local officials and key stakeholders in Florida.

Richard DeLisi began his 90-year-sentence in prison for marijuana trafficking on December 5, 1989 at the age of 40. While in prison, Richard’s son Stephen, his wife, and both of his parents passed away. Fortunately, Richard will be able to spend this Christmas with his two living children, Ashley and Rick, and his five grandchildren for the very first time.

Upon receiving the news Richard expressed to his legal team: “It feels amazingly wonderful to know that I will be home with my family and loved ones very soon. I am grateful to everyone who has been there and helped me along in these long years. I have missed so many

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