An Art Gallery That Sells Cannabis? How One Dispensary is Standing Out –

2022 has been a tough year for a lot of cannabis brands. On the one hand, more markets than ever have opened up, but between inflation and taxation many are feeling the pinch. That doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom, some brands are standing out, and they’re doing it by exploring those new markets and having a unique business model. 

On the retail side, The Artist Tree just launched their fifth location and the first licensed cannabis dispensary in Fresno, California. From nearly 100 applicants for a retail cannabis permit, The Artist Tree emerged victorious to become the first dispensary to serve the community of the Golden State’s 5th largest city. 

Think of them as an art gallery, one that just so happens to sell cannabis. The brand highlights the natural synergy between art and cannabis, seamlessly combining rotating displays of local art with high end retail shopping. It’s a truly unique way to appeal to customers. So what was once a furniture store is now reimagined as a retail space that functions as an art gallery, educational space, and communal shopping destination.

Far from a faceless corporate cannabis entity, the new location is owned and operated in-part by

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