Analysts Predict Starbucks Will Be First Major Chain to Offer CBD-Infused Drinks

Times are such that no beverage executive is spared from speculation about their conglomerate’s future in selling cannabis products. At the end of January, the CEO of Starbucks, Kevin Johnson, was posed the question by a CNBC reporter, “Can I get a cannabis triple venti?”

Johnson played it coy. “Well you know, Jim, you can’t get a cannabis triple venti today and certainly—but you know, we’re well aware of what’s been happening around CBD, THC, and all the trends in the industry,” the executive said, a lesson in corporate speculative etiquette.

The statements did not throw analysts off of tracking the company’s future plans. Quite the opposite—investment banking firm Cowen and Co. released a 100-page report on Monday in which it pinpoints the coffee and beverage giant as the likely first major chain that will market products featuring CBD.

What’s perhaps even more startling is the report’s conclusion on the ubiquity of CBD in US culture. 6.9 percent of the respondents to Cowan’s 2,500-person US consumer survey said that they currently use CBD, reports Bloomberg. That figure compares to 4.2 percent who said they use e-cigarettes, and 19.6 percent who identify as tobacco users.

Legally, CBD is available in far

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