Animal Crossing players are “growing” weed and making dispensaries – Polygon

People have been making cannabis dispensaries in Animal Crossing for a long time. I mean, the last game was called Animal Crossing: New Leaf — and then there’s Leif, the gardener and arborist who always asks if he can buy weed(s) off your island. With New Horizons’ custom designs, you make whatever the hell you want, and players would customize stands and panels for the right vibe. But the 2.0 update has introduced a few choice items that have allowed players to further upgrade their dispensary setups.

First, there’s the new schefflera plant — it’s not a marijuana plant, but it looks close enough to pass as one. Definitely closer than any plant that came before it. (Fun fact: the schefflera is also known as a “money tree” in some cultures, signaling prosperity of a different sort.)

Cluster these plants and combine them with convincing accent walls, furniture items, and the Happy Home Paradise DLC’s overheat lighting, and you’ve got Animal Crossing players growing their own weed — stocking their dispensaries with the best cannabinoids and terpenes New Horizons has to offer.

And then there’s Whistloid, one of the 2.0 update’s gyroids that definitely does not look like a

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