Ann Arbor Boober Tours are partnering with local dispensaries – The Michigan Daily

Boobers are ubiquitous. From the bars lining South University Avenue to the paths criss-crossing the Diag, it is almost impossible to traverse the University of Michigan campus without seeing one of Boober Tours’ new electric-powered pedicabs zip past on the sidewalk, with the driver shouting, “Boober Tours! It’s the only way!” over blasting music. 

“Boober” is a portmanteau of “bike” and “Uber” — the ride-sharing company. Since 2016, Boober Tours in Ann Arbor has provided community members with an alternative way to get around. The company currently has about 15 drivers who drive the pedicabs throughout the city. 

But now, Kevin Spangler, founder of Boober Tours, is trying something new. In an interview with The Michigan Daily, Spangler said he wants to take his company to the next level by collaborating with local dispensaries around Ann Arbor.

“We’re also creating another way to arrange tours, which (we’re calling) ‘Doober’,” Spangler said. “So instead of Boober tours, it’s ‘Doober Tours’ because ‘doobies’ is a slang name for marijuana.”

Over the past year, Spangler has been partnering with Wacky Weed Tours, another tour service, to use Boober’s pedicabs and drivers to help visitors experience marijuana culture throughout Ann Arbor. Sarah

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