Another NY medical marijuana patient describes ongoing problems with price, service and access –

This story is part of an ongoing series that will elevate the voices of NY’s medical marijuana patients. Read the NY Cannabis Insider investigation that started this series.

Shortly after New York legalized recreational cannabis last year, patients and advocates began sounding the alarm about the state’s handling of medical marijuana, alleging NY’s medical program was being left to rot while regulators focused instead on the adult-use market.

Many of these stories are being told on the NewYorkMMJ subreddit, where patients describe problems with pricing, access and even the quality of the information they are receiving from medical dispensaries.

Christopher, a 25-year-old medical cannabis patient from Long Island, spoke to NY Cannabis Insider as part of an ongoing series about patient complaints and the larger issues facing the state’s medical cannabis program.

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Though he uses marijuana to treat PTSD, Christopher said he has had trouble getting accurate and helpful information from budtenders at medical dispensaries. When asking for recommendations on what products he can use to best treat his condition, for example, he says he’s often met with little more than a shrug.

“It’s like going to CVS, but the people at the pharmacy are like the

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