Arizona Cannabis: From Social Equity Approval to Corporate Cannabis

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Arguably one of the most surprising states to legalize recreational cannabis in the recent past is Arizona. During the tumultuous 2020 election, Proposition 207 was passed by a very considerable 20 percent margin, with more than 650,000 votes in favor of the measure. Not only was the passing vote of the bill itself and its very progressive language surprising, but an almost landslide margin vote in a state with such previously strict cannabis laws certainly wasn’t as expected as New Jersey legalizing cannabis on the same night.

From Arpaio to Advocacy: Arizona’s Evolution in Cannabis Legislation

Given the unforgettable fact that the State of Arizona has produced such barbaric law enforcement officers such as former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was responsible for the arrest, imprisonment, and subjugation of thousands on cannabis charges, the passing of Proposition 207 showed that the Grand Canyon State could move away from strict prohibition.

In fact, when it came to medical marijuana, Arizona was a relatively early adopter in 2010 – unlike a host of other states that took years longer to adopt medical marijuana programs. While the first attempt at recreational cannabis in Arizona failed by a

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