Arkansas Bill Seeks to Limit Advertising of Medical Marijuana Products

As the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries gear up to open their doors, Arkansas legislators have been pondering just how they’ll be able to advertise their wares. On Tuesday, Governor Asa Hutchinson will be passing a bill that would curtail the places and people to which medical marijuana businesses are allowed to market.

Central among the guidelines of SB 441 are restrictions meant to keep marijuana from being advertised to children. Cannabis companies will not be able to advertise to audiences made up of more than 30 percent children, and ads cannot be placed within 1,000 feet of schools or daycares. You also won’t be seeing any cuddly cannabis mascots anytime soon in the state should the bill be signed into effect — cartoon characters will be strictly banned.

Cannabis ads will also be prohibited from appearing on public transit, and will be limited from TV, radio, print media, and the internet unless the dispensary can make the case that ads’ audiences will be less than the 30 percent children stipulated.

“It makes our jobs as communicators a little bit more challenging because there are a lot of boxes that we need to tick to make sure that our ad

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