Arkansas marijuana monopolies? – Arkansas Times

The state law legalizing medical marijuana in Arkansas has allowed some individuals to own stakes in both a cultivator where marijuana is grown and a dispensary where cannabis products are sold, giving them control over both production and some retail sales in the state’s booming market.

But some competing dispensaries have called foul, saying the cultivators are creating an unfair marketplace where the cultivators allow their own retail outlets to sell cheaper and newer products.


Hot Springs dispensary owner Dragan Vicentic, who has tangled with cultivators on a variety of issues, minced no words in a 2019 letter to the state Alcoholic Beverage Control Division. Vicentic said a potential sale of another Hot Springs dispensary to an owner of the BOLD Team cultivation facility would “place a monopoly and an unjust hold on the market by a cultivator that could tilt competition unfairly.” Vicentic argued the cultivator could offer cheaper prices to the affiliated dispensary than to nonaffiliated dispensaries and could offer their outlet superior products and newer products.

Today, Vicentic says his fears have been proven true.


“I think my letter to the ABC backs up my fears that have been brought to fruition!”  Vicentic said in an email.


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