Arkansas's best budtender – Arkansas Times

Jennifer Burr of Sherwood’s Natural Relief Dispensary has been voted Best Budtender in the Arkansas Times’ annual Best of Arkansas readers survey. As a wellness consultant, the 30-year-old Burr studies cannabis and its effects so she can give patients the best recommendations. Ultimately, she said, the best advice she can offer any new cannabis consumer is to have patience. 

What drew you to working as a budtender?


For me, it was the compassionate care aspect of it. I have always been understanding of people’s pain, people’s needs. My ultimate goal coming into this was to help people live abundantly and, for some, to help people die peacefully, and in that we have attacked a lot of physical pain, mental pain, PTSD. We’re big on our veterans here. So being a part of that has been truly awesome.

Did you have previous experience in the industry in another state?


This was a new experience for me. I came in having minimal knowledge. Natural Relief really supports its wellness consultants and budtenders by giving us knowledge. They put us through what I would consider like college cannabis courses. We have to pass tests. I’m still testing even though I’ve been here for a

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