AROYA: Optimizing Cannabis Cultivation With Cutting-Edge Software and Sensors

In the often tumultuous cannabis industry, cultivators face a myriad of challenges that make profitability an uphill battle. From grappling with unregulated markets and relentless competition from well-funded interests employing race-to-the-bottom pricing strategies, to navigating the complexities of federal illegality and dealing with a patchwork of ever-changing regulations, the journey for cannabis brands is far from straightforward.

However, where there are challenges, there is also innovation, and our industry is no exception. In response to these obstacles, a range of technological solutions has emerged to assist cannabis cultivators in their quest for success. One such solution is AROYA, a service designed to empower cultivators by optimizing their operations and increasing yields through the application of science and data. AROYA is a cannabis-specific offering from Addium, an AgTech (Agricultural Technology) company specializing in precision cultivation.

In this Spotlight, we delve into the world of Addium, its origins, and the context driving its mission. We had the privilege of sitting down with Scott Campbell, the CEO of Addium, to explore the applications of AROYA and the story behind the company’s commitment to enhancing the cannabis cultivation experience.

The Company

Addium was founded in 2022 in Pullman, Washington, located just near the state’s

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