Ascend gets state approval for recreational marijuana sales here in Montclair – Montclair Local

Ascend of Montclair has received its license from the state to expand to sales of marijuana for recreational use.

On May 3, the Montclair Township Council approved a resolution in favor of Ascend, whose Bloomfield Avenue alternative treatment center opened in 2012 as the Greenleaf Compassion Center, the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state. Local support is a criterion for state approval. 

Caitlin Fleishman, Ascend’s director of public affairs, confirmed that Ascend’s license had been approved but did not offer a timeline of when she thought recreational sales could begin in the township or how things would work when they did. 

When Ascend first began recreational sales at its facility in Rochelle Park, shoppers were required to make appointments. 

Ascend expanded that facility to recreational sales on April 21 after the council there passed a resolution in the winter stating its support, with the state approving Ascend’s license earlier in April. 

On May 17, the Montclair council also approved a resolution granting Ascend a conditional cannabis retail license to operate at the retail location, but subject to the issuance of a state retail license and the submission of an application.

On May 24, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission approved Ascend’s application for its Montclair

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