Atlantic City Trying To Get Exclusive Cannabis Retail Rights In NJ

Already the gambling hub of the Garden State, Atlantic City is angling to become the capital of New Jersey’s emerging legal weed market.

Marty Small, the mayor of Atlantic City, said Wednesday that he wants the beach resort destination to be the lone place where marijuana can be sold in New Jersey for the next three to five years.

“We are constantly looking for new revenue streams to offset the impact of property taxes,” Small said in an interview with the Associated Press. 

Small also took to Instagram to promote the proposal, urging his followers to “SHARE & TAG.”

“Let’s have Legal Marijuana Sales ONLY in The GREAT City of Atlantic City for the next 3-5 Years,” he said in the social media post. 

Small’s reasoning, as reported by the Associated Press, is that “the city should get first dibs on tax money that recreational marijuana would generate because it currently gets nothing from state-imposed parking, luxury, hotel and sports betting taxes.”

“Is it fair that Atlantic City gets nothing from all these state taxes? (In September), New Jersey took in $748 million worth of sports bets and we didn’t get one red cent from that,” Small said, as quoted

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