Australian Company Plans Construction of 3D-Printed Hemp Homes

Amid the flurry of headlines about cannabis legalization, new products, and innovations, the humble hemp plant doesn’t get much press. But this often unremarked sector of the legal cannabis industry is a major part of the “green revolution” going on around the world.

Legal cannabis means many companies are turning with renewed interest to the wide industrial applicability of hemp. And one company, the Australia-based Mirreco, is working to make hemp the home-building material of the not-so-distant future.

From Farm To House: Company Envisions Environmentally Sustainable Homes Made From Hemp

Australian company Mirreco is emerging as a leader in the country’s rapidly developing hemp industry.

Mirreco says that it has developed a specialized machine for processing hemp plants. The machine can separate plant components, like the fibers, seeds, and hurd.

The Perth-based company wants to create a fleet of such machines that, once mobile, could travel to farming locations and process hemp on site.

The company recently announced its plans to take hemp processing much further. Mirreco has developed a way to manufacture building panels from hemp biomass.

Coupled with 3D-printing technology, builders would be able to custom-design hemp biomass panels to make livable residences and other structures.

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