Ayr Wellness Announces 48th Florida Dispensary Opening in Longwood – Cannabis Business Times

Editor’s note: CBT’s June cover story, “California Cannabis Market at a Crossroads,” prominently features MD Numbers Founders Allen Hackett and Marie Montmarquet, who are on the cover of the print issue. Read it here.

For MD Numbers, it’s been six years of growing—and six years of rolling with many industry changes.

Greenhouse grower Allen Hackett, a founder of the California vertically integrated business, points out that it opened its Salinas grow in June 2016, in the state’s Proposition 215 medical days.

“We never had to stop cultivating while we were getting our license in the county because we had been here paying and abiding by their medical laws [and] rules that they had in place,” Hackett says.

As expected, MD Numbers has dialed in its practices over those years.

“Each plant needs its own amount of space and a certain amount of time in the sun to be able to [meet] whatever goal that you have in your cultivation facility—because people have different goals—whether you’re growing for weight or you’re growing for look, smell, terpenes, things like that,” Hackett says.

Strategic planning should go into planting a clone or seed, which is largely dictated by consumer expectations, says Marie Montmarquet, who founded the business with Hackett.


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