Back Taxes Shut Down Buddy Boy Dispensaries Before Planned Closure – Westword

Buddy Boy had announced it was closing its stores on Friday, June 17, but the City of Denver actually shut the marijuana chain’s doors days earlier.

Notices posted on all seven Buddy Boy stores announce that the dispensaries were closed by the Denver Department of Finance for unpaid taxes. According to Denver Treasurer Steve Ellington, the business owes the City of Denver around $500,000 for failing to pay or properly report sales taxes.

Buddy Boy had notified employees earlier this month that the company had planned to close up shop; in an interview with Westword, majority owner John Fritzel pointed to poor marijuana sales and dropping prices as the reasons.

According to Ellington, the city was unaware of Buddy Boy’s plans until a Westword article announced the company’s upcoming shutdown. After learning of those plans, the Department of Finance posted distraint warrants and notices of closure on the doors of all Buddy Boy stores.

“We were in discussions with Buddy Boy related to some delinquent tax returns, and then we saw a media report indicating they were closing their locations. So we expedited the process,” Ellington says. “The goal here is to continue to work with the business.”

The city is “still working with” Buddy Boy to determine

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