Back to the Board: Commission sends medical cannabis dispensary to BOH – Bluefield Daily Telegraph

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PRINCETON — Who should approve the location of a medical cannabis dispensary planning to open near Princeton was sent back Tuesday to the Mercer County Board of Health.

In February, members of the Mercer County Board of Health said the decision about whether to approve the future site of the Greenlight Dispensary should be made by the Mercer County Commission. The board’s members argued that it was a business decision that had nothing to do with health.

The medical cannabis dispensary was the agenda Tuesday during a county commission special meeting.

“We really don’t have jurisdiction to do that,” said Gene Buckner, president of the Mercer County Commission about approving the dispensary’s location.

Buckner then invited Bonnie Allen, the health department’s interim administrator, to address the commission.

“The main reason the board wanted me to send a letter is because it really doesn’t have anything to do with health,” she told the county commission. “It really doesn’t have anything to do with whether the folks get the cannabis or anything. They feel it’s more of a county commission issue because of where it’s

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