Baked with Baked Mac & Cheese

The bitter cold is still roaring in parts of the world, and that means I’m going to cook up the type of meal that sticks to my bones like stews, goulash, oatmeal, mashes, pot roasts, etc. Nothing beats a warm and hearty meal to sail you through the winter until Spring roles around. And what’s better is adding a bit of nostalgia in the mix. Baked macaroni and cheese anybody?

Now, I know the wording is a little ambiguous, so let me clear it up. This dish is both baked and will get you baked if you follow this recipe. I will give you my saucy, melty and cannabis infused cheese recipe in which you can incorporate into a lot of dishes, though it’s intended for a classic mac and cheese. Use it in a grilled cheese, as a dipping sauce, over grilled veggies or on a burger. As always, I will include a variation of cashew cheese for all those lactose-intolerant and vegan readers.

Cashew Cheese

For those of you uninterested in a variation to the ooey-gooey melty cheese sauce, skip ahead! This is a classic vegan favorite: cashew cheese. This recipe is easy; take all the ingredients

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