Ballot measure would allow cannabis dispensary to open in Sausalito – CBS San Francisco

SAUSALITO – As California’s cities scrambled to open cannabis dispensaries and other operations after marijuana became legalized, one Marin ex-hippie enclave still bans pot businesses — Sausalito.

Now Measure K is on the ballot for the Nov. 8 election and residents will be able to weigh in on lifting the ban and allowing exactly one canna-biz to open in the coastal town.

Now the city’s voters must choose between keeping the ban on cannabis businesses or essentially give the greenlight to one large business, Otter Brands LLC, which is the only one known so far to meet very specific requirements set out in the initiative filed to make the November ballot.

The initiative was penned by principals from Otter Brands, which hopes to set up shop. Written into the measure is a provision that only businesses that sought city approval prior to April 2021 could be considered for a storefront dispensary, like Otter, leading opponents to cry foul and use words like “monopoly.”

However, a city staff report from September 2020 lists three other companies besides Otter than had approached the city: Element7, Fume and Sparc. 

A caveat in Measure K states that at least one operator of the dispensary must live in Sausalito,

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