Berkeley City Council Votes To Allow Cannabis Delivery, Consumption Lounges

The city council in Berkeley, California voted on Tuesday to make several changes to the municipal code that will allow for cannabis consumption lounges and marijuana delivery services to operate in the city. The unanimous came late Tuesday night after a meeting punctuated by a vigorous debate on the issues, according to media reports.

Under the changes, licensed cannabis retailers will be able to allow on-site consumption of marijuana products if the business installs a required ventilation system. Before Tuesday’s meeting, city staff had recommended that consumption lounges be approved by the council. Under previous regulations, the use of cannabis was prohibited in public places, most businesses, and by many landlords, leaving many consumers and medical marijuana patients without a place to legally imbibe.

“Providing a place to consume cannabis legally is important for patients who have no other options,” wrote city staff in a report to the council.

Cannabis Delivery Services Also Approved

The measure approved on Tuesday also allows for up to seven cannabis delivery services to operate in the city and increases the areas of the city where commercial marijuana cultivation is permitted. The changes were supported by the Berkeley Patients Group, a cannabis dispensary that has

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