Bespoke Financial And BLAZE Solutions Partner To Provide Dispensaries With B2B Buy Now Pay Later – Benzin – Benzinga

Bespoke Financial entered into an integrated partnership with BLAZE Solutions. The partnership establishes an embedded lending product providing cannabis retailers access to Bespoke’s financing at the click of a button within BLAZE’s Dispensary POS software.

This partnership addresses one of the greatest operational friction points for adult-use cannabis retailers. To service an increasing consumer base, dispensaries have sought a line of credit for timely vendor payments. Unable to meet suppliers’ demands for cash on delivery, dispensaries were left to choose between carrying limited product reserves or reinvesting cash flow into new inventory purchases.

As a solution, BLAZE and Bespoke have launched a new dispensary financing program exclusively in California and Massachusetts, allowing dispensaries on the BLAZE platform to easily view financing terms without having to provide financial information or undergo an extensive underwriting process. By allowing easy access to funds for vendor payments, the financing program will boost retailers’ ability to make timely payments that trickle up the supply chain, operate at a larger scale to increase profitability, and carry an assortment of brands to keep a competitive edge.

Through this integration, BLAZE’s clients can opt-in through the POS to see qualifying options for Bespoke’s dispensary financing, which allows access to 60-day repayment

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