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Under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 (CSA), cannabis usage and possession in the United States are illegal. While this law remains valid at the federal level, most states in the U.S have legalized cannabis consumption and sale for medical and recreational usage. In 2014, the state of Alaska became one of the earliest states to legalize cannabis — a step in the right direction even though some legislative frameworks seem stringent. 

The Alaska cannabis laws apply to every party involved in the circulation of marijuana, from growth to consumption — producers, sellers and distributors within the Alaska state boundaries. As a cannabis dispensary, understanding the cannabis legislation and the protection it offers you against non-compliance is a must. Not only does this help shorten your business growth curve, but it also makes navigating the tangle of compliance acts easier.

While legally regulating cannabis use and distribution are excellent for the development of the cannabis industry in Alaska, it can also stifle upstarts with little to no experience in the industry. However, with enough knowledge and legal expertise at your fingertips, you can avoid making wrong turns that can derail your enterprise’s growth or success. Easier access to legal advice related to

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