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Financing a dispensary might seem like a difficult task, but taking the time to find the right partner has the potential to exponentially improve the business. Cannabis dispensary financing is a growing business that continues to evolve and expand. The financing provides dispensaries with the opportunity to make much-needed upgrades and expansions while planning for the future. When searching for the best financing option, consider selecting a partner that understands the vision of the dispensary. Before selecting a financing partner or using a financing platform, research the rules and regulations to ensure the dispensary remains compliant. 

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The Best Dispensary Financing Platforms

Obtaining funds for your dispensary has the potential to improve both the current and future situation of the business. Consider which financing option would work best to address the needs of the dispensary while examining potential fees, loan amounts, and rates. 

GUD Capital

GUD Capital is located in Los Angeles, California, and provides a wide variety of cannabis business financing tools such as private loans, real estate loans, equipment leases, and even cash advances. The company typically provides loans starting as low as $5,000 and extending up to $20,000,000. With connections to over 4,000 different lenders, GUD

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