Best Craft Cannabis Growers Available in Denver Dispensaries … – Westword

Colorado’s cannabis space has its ups and downs, but we’ve never been short on talent. As dispensaries move away from growing their own product and larger companies flee the state in the midst of record-low prices, smaller growers are finally receiving more time in the spotlight.

While a handful of top-tier growers have been able to successfully expand and command premiere prices, like 710 Labs, Cherry, Green Dot Labs and Snaxland, dispensaries offer plenty of opportunities to try flower from lesser-known gardens — many of which have lower prices. Here are six craft cultivations we’ve grown to love in Colorado.

Bubba’s Kush
Winner of Westword’s Best New Grower in 2023, Bubba’s Kush delivers a dank mix of old and new to dispensary shelves. Bubba’s Kush’s Georgia Pie, Orange Cream Cake and Super Boof convinced us that the Ordway-based grower belongs in conversations about quality cultivations like Green Dot Labs, and Bubba’s Georgia Pie and Super Boof are my favorite across the state. Founder and head grower Chris Kaiser is particularly excited about bringing Gorilla Glue and Triangle Kush back into the fold, and rosin collaborations are on the horizon. Bubba’s Kush flower is sold deli-style to save you a few dollars, but I’m

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