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Best All-Ages Venue

The Muny

1 Theater Drive,

In 1916 crowds gathered on a grassy part of Forest Park to enjoy a production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It, knowing that they were witnessing something special but never imagining that they were sitting on the grounds that would one day grow into a world-class theater venue. In its 100 seasons, that venue, the Muny, has become much more than a place to take in Broadway performances under the stars; it’s a bona fide civic and cultural good that exists for the people. As the largest outdoor musical theater in North America, this means existing for all of its people; most shows are family-friendly, and theater lovers of all ages are encouraged to experience this timeless art form and walk away inspired to act, sing, write and explore their own creativity. What’s so special about the Muny is that it offers this experience to anyone who’s interested, even if they can’t afford a ticket. One of the venue’s most beloved traditions are its free seats: Nine rows — more than 1,400 seats — set aside for every performance take financial status out of the equation

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