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11659 Gravois Road,

Whether you’re looking for felt or googly eyes for puppets, miniatures for your model train, or modeling clay and fake rocks for a school diorama, you couldn’t pick a better place to go than Schaefer’s Hobby Shop. There’s a reason this family-owned business is still thriving after 70-plus years, even with a host of chains (Michael’s and Hobby Lobby among them) hanging out their shingle right down the street. They have every single thing that you could want and possibly even more, from beads and feathers to miniature animals to a staggering array of craft kits and even games, Legos and toys. (Seriously, parents of grade school kids could happily do all their Christmas shopping here.) Customer service is just as helpful as you want it to be, with associates making clear they’re ready to help — but also willing to leave you alone if you want to spend 30 minutes weighing your choices in the glue aisle. —Sarah Fenske

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