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Selecting the ideal email platform for your dispensary can improve brand recognition with your customers and increase sales. Certain email platforms and software include useful tools that help separate a subscriber list into various segments by active users or by geographic location. 

Consider using multiple methods of communication to improve your relationship with your customers and increase brand recognition. Before selecting an email platform, think about your specific cannabis dispensary needs, intended price point and interest in customer relationship management (CRM). 

The Best Email Platforms for Cannabis Dispensaries

Email platforms have the ability to positively impact your dispensary by creating brand awareness and promoting customer engagement. Take your time selecting the correct email platform to obtain the best results when marketing and reaching out to customers. 


MailerLite provides an email marketing product that offers automated emails and targeted campaigns. The company allows for e-commerce websites to become seamlessly integrated within emails. Such integration allows dispensaries to more easily monetize an audience.

MailerLite produces targeted emails that can be created by segmenting subscribers by specific interests or level of email engagement. The company offers both monthly and annual billing options that depend on the number of subscribers a dispensary intends

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