Best Weed Dispensaries in Michigan for Medical and Recreational Users [2023] – PW-Philadelphia Weekly

Medical marijuana patients have been getting the good stuff from Michigan dispensaries since 2008. A decade later, recreational dispensaries started opening across the state! From 2018 onwards, it’s become commonplace to brazenly consume cannabis without fear of retribution.

Still, popular medical dispensaries in Michigan only have so much to offer. If you’re looking for recreational dispensaries that stock thousands of brand-new strains, you’ll have to grow them yourself! Luckily, legal-age adults and medical patients can shop for cannabis flowers at home. 

Seed Supreme is our #1 online dispensary with a smorgasbord of stand-out features. Let’s take a closer look at the best online dispensaries for new smokers, medical marijuana patients, and everyone in between!

Top Michigan Dispensaries Near Me: First Look Seed Supreme – Overall best Michigan dispensary. ILGM – Best money-back guarantee and grow kits. Homegrown Cannabis Co. – Best beginner forums. Crop King Seeds – Best for medical marijuana patients. Rocket Seeds – Versatile, high-THC dispensary menu. Mary Jane’s Garden – Best dispensary for outdoor seeds. SunWest Genetics – 24/7, top-notch customer service. Sonoma Seeds – Best for Michigan’s cheapest weed. Quebec Seed Bank – Crossed with superior genetics. MJ Seeds – Best for auto-flowering “fast” fem

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