Beyond Your Parents’ Bud: A Cannabis Science Insider Breaks Down The Top 3 Factors To Uplevel Your Entire Experience

It’s no secret we’ve evolved beyond our parents’ bud. While the illegal roots of recreational cannabis fostered illicit cultivation of ‘weed’ in ditches, basements, and under dense canopies hidden from aerial photography, the unknown and unsophisticated plant our grandparents and parents smoked isn’t what I want to consume nor should you.

The cannabis we consume in the U.S., legal for recreational use in 18 states now, is on an evolutionary journey that corn, coffee, and even cabbage started centuries ago. With sound science and standard regulation, we can redefine a market that drives billions in sales annually with predictable effects and sophisticated aroma profiles. Just as you might be able to list off the origin, variety, and processing methods used in your favorite wine or coffee, you deserve to know as much about the factors that elevate — or spoil — your cannabis user experience.

As a PhD biochemist and cannabis researcher, there are three key scientific factors that must be prioritized in order to consistently deliver high-quality, trustworthy cannabis products. Here’s what you should know about each of those factors to be both a smarter consumer and a stronger advocate for better bud.

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