Biblical Scholar John Kitto on the origins of the word “Hashish”

CANNABIS CULTURE – In different publications of A Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature, the 19th century scholar John Kitto put forth two, potentially related, etymologies for “hashish”, through Hebrew terms Shesh, which originates in reference to some sort of “fibre plant”, and the possibly related word,  Eshishah, (E-shesh-ah?) which holds connotations of “syrup” or “unguent.”

SHESH… also SHESHI, translated fine linen in the Authorized Version, occurs twenty eight times in Exodus, once in Genesis, once in Proverbs, and three times in Ezekiel. Considerable doubts have, however, always been entertained respecting the true meaning of the word; some have thought it signified fine wool, others silk;the Arabs have translated it by words referring to colours in the passages of Ezekiel and of Proverbs. Some of the Rabbins state that it is the same word as that which denotes the number six, and that it refers to the number of threads of which the yarn was composed. … This interpretation, however, has satisfied but few….

Shesh… must… be taken into consideration. In several passages where we find the word used, we do not obtain any information respecting the plant; but it is clear it was spun by women (Exod. xxx. 25), was

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