Bipartisan Cannabis Legalization Bill Introduced In Ohio

A bi-partisan bill to legalize cannabis has been introduced in Ohio by state Reps. Casey Weinstein (D) and Jamie Callender (R) would allow the cultivation, purchasing, and possession of cannabis by Ohioans over the age of 21, and allow for the expungement of conviction records for previous cultivation and possession offenses.

The measure includes a 10% tax on sales which would be distributed in part to support primary and secondary education, support communities that host dispensaries, combat drug dependence and illegal drug trafficking, and into the state general fund. 

“It’s time for Ohio to act on this before we fall too much further behind our neighbors. Adult-use is good for our economy, good for our justice system, and the right thing to do. Ohioans are ready to legalize cannabis, and I am proud to offer this bipartisan bill to get it done.” — Weinstein in a press release 

In a statement, Callender added that the U.S. is “increasingly heading towards the de-scheduling of cannabis products at the federal level” and “Ohio has an opportunity to get ahead of the curve in developing its cannabis industry.” 

“Through the expansion of Ohio’s successful Medical Marijuana program

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