Bitcoin: the Obvious Financial System for a Thriving Cannabis Industry

Editor’s note: this article is a guest contribution from Alan, founder of Strainly.

The world has experienced an unprecedented consolidation of power and wealth in recent years, with big government, big banks, and big pharma all working together to concentrate ever more power and attack households and family businesses. At the very core of this issue lies money. Or rather, monetary policy. Why? Let’s dive in.

Ever More Concerning Power Grabs

The problems faced by the cannabis industry predate the COVID-19 era. The cannabis community has always been concerned about corporate takeovers and consolidation, even before legalization occurred. Many in the industry have feared that it could become a manifestation of big agriculture, big tobacco, and big pharma. This fear is becoming a reality, as consolidation is happening right before our eyes and many feel powerless to stop it. Access to basic financial services has been a struggle for many in the industry, and as a result, a parallel financial system has emerged as an alternative to the broken legacy system.

A Broken System

The legacy system, based on fiat currency, is controlled by central banks and creates money out of thin air. This system unfairly distributes wealth, with the

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