Blog: Dispensaries need to hire more budtenders! | Cannabis | – Colorado Springs Independent

Early the morning of Monday, July 26, dispensary Dabarado on Centennial Boulevard was the victim of a robbery of about $30,000 in marijuana concentrates. The job was low tech; the perpetrators used tools to include a crowbar.

Within 15 minutes, they pried open the back door. The robbers made two trips and quickly absconded with about a 1,000 grams of hash. They were in such a hurry that they dropped a bunch of the stolen goods in the shop and just outside.

This incident is very upsetting, though there is one thing to note: Luckily, these robbers did not strike when the dispensary was open — that would have put the employees at risk. And too many dispensaries put their employees at risk; too many have only one budtender at a time. 

This issue strikes close to home for me. As a novice budtender working alone in 2015; a regular and his friend shimmied into my dispensary. The regular went through the door but per my employer’s rules; I was not allowed to let in the friend because he did not have a medical marijuana card. The friend became livid and pulled a knife on me as I quickly shut a locked door

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