Bloom Farms appeals denial of cannabis dispensary application – Porterville Recorder

Six minutes.

That’s the amount of time that could possibly prevent Bloom Farms from establishing at cannabis dispensary in Porterville.

The City of Porterville states Bloom Farms was six minutes late in submitting its application to the city. The deadline to submit the application was 4 p.m. February 4 and the city states Bloom Farms didn’t submit its application until 4:06 p.m. So the city denied Bloom Farms’ application.

Bloom Farms has appealed the denial and an administrative hearing on the appeal will be held at Tuesday’s Porterville City Council meeting. The meeting will begin at 5:30 p.m. with oral communications and then the council will go into closed session. The council is scheduled to return to open session at 6:30 p.m.

Darin Garrett of Bloom Farms was at a previous council meeting, asking the council to accept his application without having to file an appeal.

Garrett stated there shouldn’t even be an appeal process as the city should just either accept or deny applications. But he maintained the application was submitted by the deadline.

But Garrett also maintains Bloom Farms shouldn’t even have to go through an application process and should be awarded the cannabis dispensary.

The City Council awarded two cannabis dispensaries to

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