Board rejects replacing an LGBTQ sports bar in the South End with a … – Universal Hub

The Zoning Board of Appeal today rejected a plans to replace Cathedral Station, 1222 Washington St. in the South End, with a marijuana dispensary.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean one of the city’s few remaining LGBTQ-focused bars will stay open. Michael Ross, attorney for would-be dispensary operator Nike John, said his client didn’t force Cathedral Station out; its owner wanted to retire. In chat for the Zoom hearing, though, Jeremy Cattani, who has worked at the bar since 2014, called that “misrepresentation” and said it’s a rumor that John and Ross made up.

Following a long hearing, the board initially voted 4-3 to approve John’s proposed Boston Garden dispensary, but zoning votes require at least five votes, so the vote lost. On a second motion, the board then voted 5-2 to reject her plans without prejudice – which means she can re-apply for the conditional-use permit she needs within a year. Or she could sue in Suffolk Superior Court to seek to “annul” the vote.

Board members Norm Stembridge, Katie Whewell, Jeanne Pinado and Dave Collins initially voted in favor, while Gio Valencia, David Aiken and Chairwoman Sherry Dong voted against. On the second vote, to deny, Stembridge, Valencia, Collins, Aiken

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