Boulderites Beware! Eight Things To NOT Ask Your Bud Tender! | About Boulder County Colorado – Visitor and Local … – About Boulder

You CAN buy marijuana at a dispensary in Boulder, as long as you are old enough and have not exceeded your daily purchase limit. Your bud tender will be knowledgeable and happy to share that knowledge. BUT can they share answers or information about anything related to marijuana that you might ask? Most certainly NOT! Here’s a guide to what to NOT ask about so that you and your bud tender can remain on the best of terms.

Illegal Activity: Discussing illegal activities, including but not limited to, the resale or redistribution of cannabis products purchased in Bud Tender conversations in the dispensary, is strictly prohibited. Bud tenders cannot provide advice or information that would facilitate illegal cannabis use or any activity that violates state law. It gets fuzzier when the question is whether or not something violates state law, since that may be giving legal advice, which of course they cannot do. Medical Advice: While bud tenders can provide information about the effects of cannabis strains and products, they are not medical professionals. They cannot provide medical advice, diagnose conditions, or recommend cannabis as a treatment for specific medical issues beyond the scope of general knowledge

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