Breaking New Ground: Public Flower Opens as Buffalo’s First Black and Woman-Owned Cannabis Dispensary – BNN Breaking

In a historic move that’s reshaping the Allentown neighborhood’s business landscape, Public Flower, Buffalo’s first Black- and woman-owned cannabis dispensary, has officially opened its doors at 232 Allen St. Founders Sheldon Anderson and Moriah Kelly have overcome significant legal hurdles to launch a venture that’s not just a business, but a beacon of progress and inclusivity in the cannabis industry.

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Anderson and Kelly’s journey to opening Public Flower was fraught with obstacles, primarily due to the extensive litigation that has ensnared the cannabis industry in New York. Despite these hurdles, their determination never wavered. “The journey has been long, but the wait only amplifies our excitement to share our passion for cannabis with the community,” Anderson shared. The dispensary’s opening is not just a personal triumph for the co-owners but a landmark moment for the city. Assembly Majority Leader Crystal Peoples-Stokes and other local leaders have acknowledged the significance of Public Flower, emphasizing the importance of supporting legal cannabis operations. This establishment marks a pivotal step forward in diversifying the local retail scene and bolstering economic development within Allentown.

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Located in a historic space on Allen Street, Public Flower

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