Bronx cannabis advocates, licensees concerned over wait for legal … – New York Daily News

New Yorkers excited about the recent openings of the city’s first legal weed dispensaries haven’t failed to notice they’re located in downtown Manhattan, within blocks of each other. And it looks like Queens may be next.


Which leaves a burning question for people in the city’s northernmost borough: When are Bronxites getting legal dispensaries of their own?

“The Bronx is still being left to last,” said Pilar DeJesus, a cannabis advocate. “Folks in the Bronx who may want to have access to legal weed now have to go over [to Manhattan], and I haven’t heard of what locations they were looking at in the Bronx for some of these conditional license holders to open up their business,” DeJesus added.


“For these legal dispensaries, it’s really sad that there’s not even one in the Bronx yet, and that they’re being left out in that way.”

At least seven licensees are waiting in the wings, building business plans and waiting for leases to get started, with plans to place 20 dispensaries in the

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