Broome County’s second recreational cannabis dispensary ‘The Greenery Spot’ to open June 28 – WBNG

JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) — The second recreational cannabis dispensary in Broome County “The Greenery Spot” is set to open its doors on June 28.

Located at 246 Main St in Johnson City, Owner Chris Myers is hoping the location will be easily accessible and also boost traffic for nearby businesses.

“It’s off of Route 17 an easily accessible location for people coming through the area,” said Myers. “Soul City Coffee and Jupiter Games we should all feed off of each other and help each other’s businesses.”

The Greenery Spot will be focusing on selling locally sourced products, including products from farms in the Southern Tier.

“We’re supporting the local farmers like Nanticoke Gardens and Grateful Valley Farms,” said Myers. “There’s a lot of local small-batch farmers that need to get rid of their product.”

Myers said he hopes to have products for everyone, including some affordable options.

“We have stuff from 25 dollars an eighth to 60 dollars an eighth,” said Myers. “When you go to the liquor store there’s bottom shelf and there’s top shelf. We’re no different.”

Myers is an Endicott native and is hoping his lifelong connections in the community will help his business.

The Greenery Spot officially opens at 4:20 p.m. on June 28.

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